Mediterraneo (Gabriele Salvatore)

mediterraneo Gabriele Salvatore

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When a group of Italian soldiers washes up on a Greek island after the Allies sink their ship, the men initially believe that the region is deserted. However, they discover that the islanders have been in hiding, and the soldiers, winning the trust of the locals, gradually become part of the community. As the Italians, including Lt. Raffaele Montini (Claudio Bigagli), ease into an idyllic existence, they begin to forget about war and pursue romance with the lovely women of the island.

Gabriele Salvatores' antiwar story Mediterraneo is set during World War II on a seemingly deserted island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. After their ship is sunk by the British, a unit of Italian soldiers finds refuge on the island, where they soon realize that the area is not deserted after all--its citizens have merely gone into hiding after believing they were under German attack; indeed, the Germans have already imprisoned all of the village's young men. As the brigade of soldiers, led by one Lt. Montini (Claudio Bigagli), becomes ingrained into island life, they begin repainting the church's frescoes, starting soccer teams, even finding romance. Time passes until an Italian pilot (Antonio Catania) touches down on the island, and relates the news of the world since the soldiers' arrival in 1941. Ultimately, a British rescue party comes for the soldiers, bringing with them the men who were captured by the Germans years before. Four decades later, Montini returns, re-joining the few other men who could not bring themselves to leave their island refuge.

Genre: Art House & International, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed By: Gabriele Salvatores
Written By: Enzo Monteleone
In Theaters: Sep 9, 1991  Wide
On Disc/Streaming: Mar 17, 1993
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Silvio Berlusconi Communications

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