(4K) Breathtaking Colorful Birds of the Rainforest

(4K) Breathtaking Colorful Birds of the Rainforest
ABOUT: A new video that bird lovers and cats will equally love, "Birds of the Rainforest" presents viewers with a stunning mix of birds and other wildlife from the rainforests of the world, paired with the relaxing sounds of birds - no music.
A collaboration between Nature Relaxation Films and collaborator John of Light, it's a great way to see the wonders of the rainforest from the comfort of your home. Viewers will enjoy Macaws, Parrots, Toucans, Hummingbirds, and many other exotic species - even some cute lizards, insects and flowers.  Presented in 4K UHD, it's a colorful and ultra high resolution way to make the most of your big screen TV!

Nature Relaxation Films

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