Strongest Kids In the World

These are the strongest kid's on the planet. Training in a gym hours a day, you'll be amazed how incredible these kids are, with martial arts, and karate, to their their bodyweight stunts, pushups, pull ups and major bodybuilding gym time!

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Around the world, we’ve seen a number of children - both boys and girls - who’ve been blessed with superhuman strength. How many pushups can you do? Well, one of these kids can do over 5,000. Pound for pound, some of them can bench press more than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. So, who are these youngsters? How’d they become so strong? For some, it was due to heavy parental influence, while for others, it was childhood dreams to become their own martial arts idols. What are their stories? If you think superpowers are fiction, these kids might just change your mind.

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